revise and polish your writing for publication

If you’ve made it here then congratulations! You have done some of the hardest work already – you started with a mere seedling of an idea and turned it into a completed first draft. You made it through all of the initial self-doubt, anxiety, and imposter syndrome, the crazy day-to-day scheduling, distractions, and general messiness of life. Pat yourself on the back!

It’s time to move into the next phase – preparing your manuscript for publication.

I’m an editor who isn’t afraid to make your work the best it can be, and is knowledgeable and supportive around how to implement edits. I offer three levels of editing as outlined below.

Manuscript Evaluation

Best for work that is still in the early stages and would benefit from big-picture feedback. The goal is to identify what’s working in the manuscript and what isn’t by diagnosing plot holes, pacing, structure, character development, style, and gaps. Includes an annotated copy of your manuscript and a detailed report with an overall assessment and suggestions for improvement.
Rate: $0.007/word

Developmental Edit

For those who have a solid, focused draft and are ready to get their hands dirty. This is a comprehensive in-depth edit that includes a marked up copy of your manuscript with specific suggested edits and re-structuring. The goal is to shape the manuscript into one that aligns with your vision on a foundational level. Involves a collaborative ongoing relationship between myself and the writer.
Rate: $0.012/word

Copy/Line Edit

Your manuscript is now structurally sound and is ready for a deep polish at the sentence and paragraph level. Includes a marked up copy of your manuscript that addresses run-on sentences, repetitive words, dull use of language, spelling, grammar, punctuation, continuity errors, and more. The goal is to make the writing flow as smoothly as possible, both on a technical and language level.
Rate: $0.009/word

PROCESS: I offer a free sample edit to all potential clients – you’ve come this far, so you deserve an editor who gets your book and whose style leaves you satisfied. If we’re a good match, I’ll provide a custom quote that meets the needs of your project.

There are a few genres I’m not the best editor for: self-help, sci-fi, middle grade, mystery, feel-good romance, erotica, long-form memoir, picture books or religious fiction.

Genres that I love working in are: magical realism, low fantasy, urban fantasy, fairytale retellings, supernatural, paranormal, new adult, YA, contemporary, thriller, horror, literary, or any hybrid thereof.

That being said, I can be quite open depending on the story or topic itself. So if you aren’t sure if your project is one I’d accept, please reach out.

Ready for editing?

“Emma was tasked with helping me with first draft edits. For several years I have been writing a memoir/creative nonfiction book and the structure was a mess. She took her time to read everything, and prepare fantastic notes and thoughtful critiques. Her comments were constructive as I find myself diving into the next draft. I would recommend her for anyone in the messy middle of editing or writing. She is a valuable resource and isn’t afraid of any project.”

–Kerri Tollinger | Memoir/CNF Writer

Reading Services

Editing focuses on an approach that enhances the piece on a craft level. But it’s important to remember that actual readers will eventually read your work someday, so hiring a professional reading service can be a great investment as it allows for a professional editor to respond to your work from a reader standpoint. I offer two types of reading services:


Often the final step before typesetting, proofreading fine-tunes your manuscript before publication. I perform a final read of your manuscript to catch any lingering typos, errors, and other remaining errors from previous edits. Includes a marked up copy of your manuscript. The manuscript must have previously undergone a copy/line edit either from myself or a different editor.
Rate: $0.0025/word


A beta-read is essentially a test read where I approach the book as a casual reader, and provide feedback on my reading experience such as: what I liked/disliked, things that didn’t make sense, scenes that were unclear, areas where pacing was slow, parts that excited or bored me, and things that surprised me. Includes an annotated copy of your manuscript and a letter of review. Beta-reads should be performed after you have a solid completed draft but before any other type of professional editing.
Rate: $0.0021/word

Still trying to finish a first draft? Check out my coaching and consulting services.