Literary Project Consulting

accelerate your project towards the finish line

You’ve been working on a special literary project for quite some time now. Perhaps it’s a book that’s reached a dead end, or a personal essay that has a mind of its own. Maybe it’s a novella or short story that you’re trying to pack too much into on the page.

Or maybe, you’ve had an idea for a project for a really long time, but struggle to find a starting point.

You know that if you could just get that little push, that extra bit of clarity, you’d be well on your way and can take it from there.

You want a jumpstart. Something to kick you into gear. The desire is there. The writing itches at the ends of your fingertips. But you can’t seem to find the key that will let it out of its cage.

It’s your lucky day though; you’ve found Literary Project Consulting.

This is a specialized type of consulting for prose writers who are stuck with their work on a craft-based level. Literary Project Consulting is perfect for you if you’re committed to quality storytelling and have a primal need to make your work the best it can be before sharing it with the world.

There are so many unanswered questions when undertaking a prose project; it can get confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating.

What is the story really about? What are the themes, character motivations, plot points and inciting incidents? Does it fit within genre expectations or do we want to subvert expectations? What point of view should we choose? How does the magic system work in this world? How do you create multifaceted believable characters? What form should you choose for your personal essay? How do you decide what to cut or keep?

If this sounds familiar, then you, my friend, are a writer who is dedicated to the process of crafting work that remains true to your vision and readers won’t soon forget. You know what it will take to get there and aren’t afraid to ask for help. You’re prepared to brainstorm, dig deep, and work hard on this project because it means that much to you. Whether you have a partially written draft or just an idea, I can help.

Your Literary Project Consultations will involve:

  • identifying weaker areas in your story or essay and strengthening them or figuring out what to cut
  • fixing plot holes and filling in content gaps or missing scenes
  • developing characters with believable motivations, desires, traits and clear emotional arcs
  • examining scene chronology to make sure the piece has good pacing and flows well
  • creating a solid outline that leads you to a finished first draft
  • finalizing world building details
  • getting to the heart of what your project is about and how to connect it with readers

Afterwards, you will come away with:

  • epiphanies that propel your project forward in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months working on it alone
  • a better sense of your story’s purpose and themes
  • compelling characters that you know well and understand how to write
  • renewed momentum and passion for the project
  • a writing routine and outline for executing the first draft
  • clarity around world building details
  • completed drafts that proudly communicate your unique vision and experiences
  • confidence that all elements of your story or essay are working well together
  • a partner (that’s me!) that you can turn to anytime for support and guidance

My specialties lie in working with writers who want to write shorter pieces (poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction) for literary magazines and writers who are working on longer work in the genres of: magical realism, low fantasy, fairytale retellings, supernatural, paranormal, new adult, YA, contemporary, horror, literary, or any hybrid thereof. That being said, I can be quite open to most genres depending on the story or topic, so feel free to reach out.

Literary Project Consulting is not the best service for you if you:

  • want me to write your book or essay for you
  • are not serious about finishing your project
  • struggle a lot with your process and often have mental/emotional blockages (check out my writerly wellness coaching instead)
  • are closed-minded
  • don’t take your craft seriously
  • are writing purely for money, fame or vanity publishing

If you want your project to take flight towards a first draft that you are proud of and desire someone by your side who offers valuable fresh insight and cheers you on along the way, I’m the coach for you.

Literary Project Consulting

OPEN CONSULTING consists of private hourly sessions that you may book as frequently as needed! During these sessions, we will meet online to discuss your project and focus on addressing 1-2 aspects that you are struggling with in order to move you forward with the project. When/if you run out of steam again, you can book a follow up session anytime you’d like.
Investment: $50/hr (tax included)

PACKAGED CONSULTING is ideal for writers who require more support than just a one-off meeting. This option is common for writers in the early development of a project (they may only have an idea or rough outline at best), but it can also be used for writers who just want a big jumpstart for their project, whatever stage its at! A package consists of 3 consulting hours with a 10% discount applied.
Investment: $135 (tax included, savings of: $15)

“When I met Emma, I was gearing up to re-start work on my half-written novel and finding myself paralysed by the task and choices ahead. I’d workshopped my story, read the craft books and done the beat sheets but none had a lasting impact. After an initial diagnostic chat and read of my work in progress, Emma’s suggested approach for me was a blend of writing coach and developmental editor. This was exactly what I needed. We worked through my writing habits, identified patterns that weren’t serving my project, and introduced some techniques to replace them. At the same time, Emma “interviewed” me about my book, playing back what she heard and playing it forward in the story, to help me sort signal from noise in the words already written and chart a course for the story. The result is that I have now stopped vacillating on a few really important thematic and plot choices, shored up my shakier character arcs, and put in place a visual plotting tool that helps keep gorgeous, extraneous tangents (my Achilles’ heel) in check.  I would strongly endorse some sessions with Emma to any writer who, like me, has a wonderful character or world and an awful lot of words under the bridge, but no clear path forward.”

–Kate Boydell | Fiction Writer

I’m still not sure if I need a consult.

The best way to know if you would benefit from Literary Project Consulting is if you answer ‘no’ to all 3 of these questions: Have I finished writing a full draft of my project? Do I consistently work on the project in a way that builds momentum? Are all my ideas, outlines and details for the project crystal clear to me?

The goal of Literary Project Consulting is to turn all of your answers to these questions into a resounding ‘yes!’

When we work on a story or essay that we’ve been ruminating on for months or years, we are incredibly subjective about how to develop it, which essentially makes it impossible to see the project with fresh eyes, and thus, make important decisions about how to execute it.

Bringing in an outside perspective like myself makes all the difference between you remaining stalled in one place and typing ‘The End.’

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