I started The Holistic Writing Studio because I wanted to share with writers the holistic approach that worked for me in overcoming my writing fears, challenges, and writer’s block.

overcoming my writer's block

The work that I did to accomplish this was transformative. It involved not only addressing challenges directly related to writing and creativity, but also journeying down the path of inner personal work. 

I was looking for a cure – not a bandaid. 

I had to come to terms with the fact that a lot of the surface level issues, like not being able to put pen to paper or being intimidated to write poetry, had causes that were deeply rooted, sometimes in areas of my life that weren’t even related to writing.

But this isn’t stuff they teach you in school, or write about in self-help articles for writer’s block. So finding the answers for myself was very much a self-guided process, but nonetheless,  a rewarding journey.

My Writer’s Block

I’ve been a writer for over 20 years now, but during my early 20s for about 5 years I hardly wrote anything. 

I tried, but each time I sat down to do it, I felt it was utterly pointless. I had experiences I wanted to share, but they were too difficult to write about. And yet I felt that I must write about these experiences first before I could do any other kind of ‘fun’ writing, like working on my fairytale retelling series that I’d previously spent a year outlining. 

Because I was too scared to write about the things that were eating at me, I started believing that I didn’t have anything good to say anyways, and that my voice wouldn’t add any value to the world. I had absolutely no sense of a writing routine, and anytime I did find time to write, I procrastinated or simply sat there frozen, staring at the wall, completely stuck in my thoughts. 

On really bad days, I would eventually start crying because of how terrible a so-called “writer” I was. It took me a while to realize that wasn’t the real reason I was crying.

Over time, the levels of self-loathing grew and grew. My incapability to do the thing that I was supposed to be a natural at exacerbated all the negative feelings I had towards myself.

My lack of creative output made me feel like a loser and a phony, both as a writer and in other areas of my life, because I knew I wasn’t truly happy even if I appeared to be. Not satisfying my artistic urges felt like pulling a plug on my sense of self-actualization – and no amount of other distractions in life could stopper it.

Identifying the Real Issues

I didn’t know how to overcome my writer’s block because I thought I already possessed all the answers – I had a creative mind, I was never short on ideas for stories, and I knew enough about the craft of writing that I felt I should have been able to write something. So I figured that the answer to why I couldn’t write anything must be that I simply sucked at writing.

I was so incredibly wrong.

Having ideas for what to write and knowing the craft does not inherently make you a writer, because if it did, then in theory I should have had no problems with writing! But I did.

I discovered my problems around writing were more to do with:

  • self-loathing
  • unresolved issues around trauma
  • beliefs I had about what it meant to be a writer
  • disembodiment
  • not seeing myself as an artist
  • not having a sacred writing routine
  • a total lack of understanding for where my own unique creativity comes from and how to access it

Figuring this out made my writing problems seem so much more fixable. By identifying them, I had achieved the first step. 

Overcoming My Writing Challenges

2020 was the year I was forced to face my writer’s block head on. With the pandemic and lockdowns, I was stuck working at home by myself for nearly a whole year as many of us were. I finally had no more distractions or excuses for avoiding my writing projects.

There were several key things I did to make a difference in my writing life, such as:

  • developed a model for understanding creative consciousness
  • changed how I saw myself as a writer
  • experimented with seeing counselors, therapists and life coaches
  • worked on embodiment
  • changed my expectations around what it meant to have a writing routine
  • studied more deeply the craft of writing
  • found writers, techniques and ideas that resonated with me for inspiration

During that year, I had my first piece of writing accepted for publication in a literary magazine. I also started revising older pieces to the point where I felt comfortable enough to send them to my editor, and I wrote more poetry than I ever have in my life – something I previously could never do before (write a poem, that is).

The following year in 2021, I sent my work out to lit mags far more than I ever had before, and I even started writing songs, despite numerous cringey previous attempts at lyric writing!

I’m much more at peace with my writing life since overcoming my writer’s block. I do not write every day, or even every week, and that’s okay for me. If I am having trouble getting something on the page, I can now figure out why that is and address the real problems; I don’t just chalk it up to a lack of writing discipline or lack of craft.

Helping Other Writers

The Holistic Writing Studio is here to help writers who have given up on their writing projects, goals and aspirations; writers who are struggling with their art, or are muddling through, at best. 

I’m here to show you that no matter what there is an easier way forward. Whether you need editing help, creativity coaching or story consulting, I am here to guide and teach you. 

Many writers need this kind of help, but they have to really want it and be willing to put in the work in order to see the desired results. It’s a transformative process after all.

To find out more, book a free consultation with me.

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