Michelle Poirier Brown
Author of You Might Be Sorry You Read This

“Shyness will get you nowhere. Self-doubt, disclosure anxiety, the dreaded record-keeping. Over the past two years, I have been published or long-listed by Arc, PRISM international, Grain, CV2, Vallum, and Room—all because Emma carefully selects poems from my “ready to submit” folder and gets them sent by the submission deadline. She tracks what has been sent where, searches for appropriate homes for specific, difficult-to-place poems and CNF, and keeps my author website current. I would not be enjoying the success I’ve had without her because she keeps me from self-sabotage. Best writing investment you’ll ever make.”

Shellie Westlake
Poet & YA Writer

“Emma’s creativity coaching was instrumental in helping me get back on track in my writing life. She showed up to each session with concrete ideas and exercises to spark creativity. Emma is very knowledgeable about many aspects of the craft and our conversations helped to inspire me and give me direction. I highly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone looking for a push!”

Kate Boydell
Fiction Writer

“When I met Emma, I was gearing up to re-start work on my half-written novel and finding myself paralysed by the task and choices ahead. I’d workshopped my story, read the craft books and done the beat sheets but none had a lasting impact. After an initial diagnostic chat and read of my work in progress, Emma’s suggested approach for me was a blend of writing coach and developmental editor. This was exactly what I needed. We worked through my writing habits, identified patterns that weren’t serving my project, and introduced some techniques to replace them. At the same time, Emma “interviewed” me about my book, playing back what she heard and playing it forward in the story, to help me sort signal from noise in the words already written and chart a course for the story. The result is that I have now stopped vacillating on a few really important thematic and plot choices, shored up my shakier character arcs, and put in place a visual plotting tool that helps keep gorgeous, extraneous tangents (my Achilles’ heel) in check.  I would strongly endorse some sessions with Emma to any writer who, like me, has a wonderful character or world and an awful lot of words under the bridge, but no clear path forward.”

Kerri Tollinger
Memoir/CNF Writer

“Emma was tasked with helping me with first draft edits. For several years I have been writing a memoir/creative nonfiction book and the structure was a mess. She took her time to read everything, and prepare fantastic notes and thoughtful critiques. Her comments were constructive as I find myself diving into the next draft. I would recommend her for anyone in the messy middle of editing or writing. She is a valuable resource and isn’t afraid of any project.”

Ella Harvey
Author of Shapes of Brave: To Asia, Africa, and the Long Way Home

“I had never had a virtual assistant until I met Emma. She responded quickly to all my requests, from updating my website (I love Emma’s website,) to formatting pages with all the little details I found tricky to do. She even jumped in to give feedback on my title search for my book. She was prompt, efficient, and friendly. I consider Emma part of my team. It takes a community to write a book!”

Numa Parrott
Web Comic Writer & Artist

“Great personalized assistance with the most difficult task imaginable: creating a productive environment for your passion project. Working on a big creative project alone presents unique challenges that often require personalized insight. All too often creators hit roadblocks that they can’t overcome alone. Anyone can offer advice on how to overcome these blocks—if your family is anything like mine it’s impossible to get them to stop. Advice from those who won’t take the time to understand your situation and goals often only adds to the problem. There are few resources more valuable than a fellow creator willing to take the time to understand the challenges you’re facing and willing to work to help you overcome them. Emma took the time to understand my complicated relationship with Patreon and the strange online ecosystem of webcomics. Because of that she was able to help me come up with a new long term production strategy perfectly suited to my unusual lifestyle. As someone who struggles with long term goals this was incredibly helpful.”

Wayne Foster
Author of Being Connected: Finding Yourself in the Beauty Of Nature

“I had been working on an idea for a book for about 2 years before I started working with Emma. After listening to the vision I had for my book and sending her all of the materials I had gathered or written so far, Emma was able to streamline that material and help organize it into a solid outline for a full draft. She helped write and edit some of the material and did research for me, gathered references, and consulted creatively on various directions for the layout of the chapters and key themes.  She adapted easily as the content of the book morphed over time and was very collaborative in her efforts. Emma helped connect the dots in such a way that I was able to finish a first draft and am now in the final stages of publishing it. I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested and invested in completing their book or other creative written work.”

Leah Kaminski
Published Poet & Writer

“I couldn’t have made a better decision than working with Emma. As a publishing poet who mentors poets and teaches writing and creativity classes myself, I still needed a personal, tailored approach to my own creativity and writing. I had lost my love for reading and creating poetry, focusing too much on results and not enough on process. And I had just started writing short stories but found myself immediately cowed when I tried to write longer works of fiction. Emma is patient, kind, intuitive, an incredible listener, and deeply committed to her clients. But it’s not only her personality that set me straight. Her grasp of craft is sure and strong and I was so thrilled to have her insight into character and plot. I arrived at my first meeting with Emma frustrated, negative, lost—and emerged from our suite of sessions with seeds planted for a new, more well-rounded poetry writing (and reading!) process—and with a new outline for my first novella! I dearly hope to keep working with her as I venture further in my fiction writing journey!”