Writerly Wellness Coaching

an alternative coaching experience for dedicated writers

It’s not that you’re lazy about writing or that you aren’t trying to write.

You are trying, really really hard in fact, but it’s just not flowing. You’ve reached a point where you know you need to write, but you don’t know what the problem is anymore. Is it you? Is it the project? Should you work on something else instead? What if you don’t finish that piece either?

Writerly Wellness Coaching is an alternative personalized experience designed to get to the root of your writing blockages that happen off-page, fix them with long-term solutions, and level up your relationship with writing so that you can consistently rely on it to express yourself.

We’ll use my signature methodology The Rewire Technique to help you understand what truly makes you tick as an artist, why you’re having trouble writing, and how to move forward so that you can continue to write what matters most to you.

Though I’m open to working with most writers, my specialities lie in helping those who are struggling to write anything at all or are finding it hard to return to writing after a prolonged absence, and writers who have lost sight of why they love to write.

This type of coaching is for you if you are prepared to tackle the deep blockages that are hindering you from writing what you really want to write, you’re open to alternative ways of thinking, and you long for accountability and someone in your corner who understands.

Overtime, our work together will involve any of the following:

  • unearthing the writing practice that works specifically for you and your lifestyle
  • identifying your limiting beliefs and developing ways to overcome them
  • learning how to embody your writing and follow your creative intuition
  • connecting you with your source of creativity, your ‘Muse’
  • developing confidence in your writing skills
  • diagnosing ares of your life outside of writing that may be affecting your writing
  • furthering a deeper understanding of the prose and poetry genres, and how they relate to our subconscious
  • creating a plan for your project(s) that gets you consistently writing again
  • overcoming fears around publishing
  • deepening your understanding of why writing really matters to you
  • cultivating a strong identity as a writer by discovering your strengths and unique artistic brand

Afterwards, you will come away with:

  • renewed passion and excitement for writing
  • new skills and knowledge about the craft of writing
  • confidence in your ability to write the stories, essays and poems you want to share
  • a heightened sense of self-knowledge about who you are as a writer
  • a deeper understanding of your writing practice and how to make it work for you
  • a toolbox of skills and resources that you can pull from anytime you ever feel stuck again
  • greater likelihood of reaching your writing goals
  • zero confusion or frustration around your writing
  • enlightened insight into prose and poetry
  • a fearless approach to writing about what you want
  • boundaries that keep your writing time safe and separate from other areas of your life
  • clarification around your ‘muse’ and how to access your source of creativity
  • and a partner (that’s me!) that you can turn to during any part of your writing journey

I am not the best fit for you if you:

  • are writing purely for money, fame or vanity publishing
  • are hoping this work can substitute for therapy or counselling
  • are closed-minded
  • can’t or won’t commit to deep transformational work
  • expect me to do everything for you
  • want a magical quick fix (this work requires time, dedication and momentum)

If you want a free-flowing writing practice, renewed passion for your craft, and a deepened understanding of your place in the world as a writer, I’m the coach for you.

Writerly Wellness Coaching

OPEN COACHING consists of private hourly sessions that you can book as frequently as you’d like! I’m currently offering a pay-what-you-can model for these 1:1 sessions with a minimum amount set at $20/hr. I believe writers shouldn’t have to let money blockages get in the way of their artistry and I want to make sure my services are affordable for those who really need it.
Investment: $20/hr (tax included)

PACKAGED COACHING is where the real magic happens. This coaching path is a three-month minimum commitment that includes: a 1-2 hour Initiation Call to discuss your project(s), writing challenges and goals; weekly 45-minute calls to check in and work through obstacles; weekly text/email support; a detailed Progress Plan with milestones to keep us on track; and bonus discounted pricing for any of my classes or workshops.
Investment: $190 per month (tax included), three-month minimum commitment

(Disclaimer: None of my services or methodology substitutes for therapy or counselling. I always encourage clients to seek out mental health services when needed.)  

“I couldn’t have made a better decision than working with Emma. As a publishing poet who mentors poets and teaches writing and creativity classes myself, I still needed a personal, tailored approach to my own creativity and writing. I had lost my love for reading and creating poetry, focusing too much on results and not enough on process. And I had just started writing short stories but found myself immediately cowed when I tried to write longer works of fiction. Emma is patient, kind, intuitive, an incredible listener, and deeply committed to her clients. But it’s not only her personality that set me straight. Her grasp of craft is sure and strong and I was so thrilled to have her insight into character and plot. I arrived at my first meeting with Emma frustrated, negative, lost—and emerged from our suite of sessions with seeds planted for a new, more well-rounded poetry writing (and reading!) process—and with a new outline for my first novella! I dearly hope to keep working with her as I venture further in my fiction writing journey!”

Leah Kaminski | Published Poet & Writer

I’m still not sure if I need a coach.

Let me ask you this – are you tired of wrestling with your writing fears? Are you frustrated with how little progress you’ve made on your project? Are you unhappy with your disconnection from writing? Do you wish you could understand your craft better? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, but still aren’t sure how to move forward, then there is likely something going on that you cannot see. It’s very difficult for us to realize the truth of our situations because we’re so often stuck in old ways of thinking, old beliefs, old narratives, old habits. We need an outside perspective, a mirror, to reflect back at us what we can’t see.

At the end of the day, please know that if you’re a creative writer struggling with any aspect of your writing, you’re write where you’re meant to be, at The Holistic Writing Studio. 

Book a free Discovery Call to find out why.

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